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Tidal Wave at THORPE PARK

Get ready for a serious soaking on one of the UK's tallest log flumes, sponsored by Dr Pepper. This giant water ride is set in Amity Cove, a 1960 New England fishing town that has been annihilated by a tsunami, filled with ruined buildings. Get set for a heart-in-the-mouth 85ft plummet that will send a wall of water exploding skyward drenching everyone on board your boat! PLUS watch out for Pier 13 as you exit the ride! Riders must be at least 1.2m tall to take one the Tidal Wave.

Ride Facts:

Theme Park Area:

Amity Cove

Vital Statistics:

  • Category: Thrill ride
  • Ride Type: Log flume
  • Manufacturer: OD Hopkins
  • First Opened: 1999
  • Min Height Restriction (m): 1.2