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Detonator at THORPE PARK

KABLAMMO! Get set for the ultimate explosion on this 100ft mega-drop tower ride, on which you'll be fired downwards at a speed of 45mph! You won't have time to take in the view — hold on to your hats as you're blasted with the full force of 5.5Gs, giving the impression of weightlessless. No thrill will compare with this stomach-turning plummet, one of THORPE PARK's true terrors! Riders must be at least 1.3m tall to ride Detonator.

Ride Facts:

Theme Park Area:

Calypso Quay

Vital Statistics:

  • Category: Thrill ride
  • Ride Type: Tower Drop
  • Manufacturer: Fabbri Group
  • First Opened: 2000
  • Ride Height (ft):
  • Speed (mph): 46.6
  • Max Ride G-force: 5.5
  • Min Height Restriction (m): 1.4