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The Towers at Alton Towers Resort

Step back in time and take a history lesson of The Towers at Alton Towers during your stay.

Originally built on the site of an Iron Age Camp, the estate that stands today belonged to the Talbot Family (The Earls of Shrewsbury) for over 500 years. The 18th Earl first opened its doors in 1860 to the public and by 1890 Alton Towers was attracting crowds of 30,000 where they could watch acrobats, lion tamers, elephants, bands and fireworks, as well as tours of the gardens.

It was in the early part of the 1900's that the 20th Earl began to spend more and more time away from his stately home at Alton Towers, favouring his Ingestre Estate after investing in the Talbot Motor Company. The Earl of Shewsbury died in 1921 and his wife Lady Shewsbury lived at the towers on her own until 1923. By this time, a majority of the large estate had already been sold off but it was in 1924 that the remaining lands and Alton Towers itself were sold to a group of local businessmen. After 700 years Alton Towers left the wardship of the Shrewsbury Earls.

The Ministry of Defence requisitioned the house and gardens upon the declaration of War and was used as an Officer cadet Training Camp, where they retained possession of the land until the mid 1950's. Alton Towers Ltd rightfully reclaimed the property after a hefty legal battle over the state of its condition. Since then, Alton Towers Ltd have continued to run a successful business.

The Park had gained a fantastic reputation for being a well-known tourist attraction throughout the '60s and '70s, but it was not until the introduction of the then-revolutionary Corkscrew rollercoaster at the beginning of the 1980's that it became a Theme Park.

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