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Welcome to Play and Stay!

You may have been familiar with our old site. It was kind of orangey-looking and sold theme park breaks, and while it did its job, it didn't really let people know what we're all about these days. The latest incarnation of our site though - this is exactly what we're all about.

Play and Stay has been around for six years, and is part of the market-leading Holiday Extras group established in 1983; and although we'll still be offering the best breaks at the best prices, there is so much more we want to shout about.

When you book with Play and Stay, you also benefit from our expertise. From the person writing these words (hello!) through to the people on the end of the phone, we're family break specialists and we care about making sure you have the best experience possible. We'll even tell you if there are fun and interesting free attractions nearby your chosen destination. All that matters to us is that you have a good time.

Come back and visit regularly and you'll see that Play and Stay is always growing. We will be regularly adding new attractions and activities for you to try out, and as we progress, we want you to become a major part of the site. We want your tips, reviews and opinions about the places you visit. When you come to Play and Stay, you'll know that the breaks we offer are ones that other families just like yours have already experienced and enjoyed.

If you want to stay in the loop about all the new and exciting things happening in the world of family breaks, we have regularly updated news pages, as well as our very own blog which will focus on some of the more offbeat aspects of leisure land.

We've developed an all-new website with you in mind. Booking with Play and Stay is completely worry-free. Our site has the highest level of internet security and your payment is protected in a trust account until your stay is completed.

Best of all, we've kept the same great team, all dedicated to ensuring your break is one to remember.

Our focus is on families and making sure you have an unbeatable selection of quality breaks and activities to choose from. You'll be making new memories before you know it.

Please note: Play and Stay uses the merchant ID "HX SHORT BREAKS", and this will appear on your bank account statement once you have made your booking and payment has been taken from your account.

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